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"Fiberglass has the highest "R" Value of all window frames." -U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)   "I consider the fiberglass window to be the state-of-the-art window." - Michael McCabe, PhD. Government research scientist and Chairman of the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) Research Sub-committee
"The Lumber of the Future" -Popular Science, June 1995   "Replacement windows with fiberglass frames are clearly the best type of window available. If I had to replace the windows in my home, I would definitely choose fiberglass windows." James Dulley National recognized home improvement expert and independent columnist for the Courier Journal "Homes Section" in the Saturday Scene.
"Fiberglass has the strength and durability of metal." -InLine Fiberglass Limited   "Fiberglass windows are highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation, which over time can cause PVC (vinyl) to break down and disintegrate.” -Michael McCabe, PhD, ASHRAE Research Scientist
"Fiberglass is the ideal material from which to make window frames. I consider Fiberglass Windows to be the State of the Art Windows." -Michael McCabe, PhD, ASHRAE -Research Scientist   "All vinyl becomes brittle in extreme cold, expands and softens in extreme heat; wood --- rot prone, high maintenance;" and "fiberglass ---good insulator, rot proof, low maintenance, withstands heat, cold, moisture and can be painted." -The Reader's Digest Do it Yourself Manual
"Fiberglass has high tensile strength- four times that of steel-so it won’t warp or twist." -Popular Science, June 1995--   "Another advantage of fiberglass frame material is that expands with temperature change at almost the same rate as the window glass. This results in a consistently airtight fit no matter the season or time of day.” James Dulley National Syndicated Columnist on Home Improvements and Energy Efficiency
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